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battery charger

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  1. Hahnel Powerstation Unipal Plus

    Hahnel Powerstation Unipal Plus

    The extremely stylish UniPal Plus is a universal charger with LCD display. Supplied with AC/DC adaptor with interchangeable EU UK plugs included. Can be used anywhere in the EU without the need for an additional plug adaptor! Charges practically all li-ion 3.6V, 3.7V, 7.2V 7.4V AA/AAA batteries Charges most devices with USB port - iPhone, iPad, PDA,Games... MācītiesMore
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  2. Canon lādētājs CB-2LYE baterijai NB-6L

    Canon lādētājs CB-2LYE baterijai...

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  3. hähnel Canon HLX-E6N Power kit

    hähnel Canon HLX-E6N Power kit

    Extreme Power Kit; Compact charger for TWO Extreme Batteries * Charges two batteries simultaneously * Charges hähnel Extreme Batteries 3rd party batteries * Can be connected to any USB power source * Compact portable What’s in the box? 1 x HLX-E6N battery; 1 x two-port charger with Micro USB input; 1 x short USB-A to Micro USB cable MācītiesMore
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  4. Hahnel Procube Twin Charger lādētājs

    Hahnel Procube Twin Charger...

    HÄHNEL PROCUBE TWIN CHARGER This funky looking dual charger has been designed with the pro photographer in mind. Charges 1 or 2 DSLR batteries simultaneously Intelligent fast IC charge control with LCD display Detects charges most USB devices - smartphones, tablets etc. Extra AA battery tray for charging of an additional 4 x AA rechargeable batteries... MācītiesMore
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