Sirui Tripod T-005KX C-10S - Canon Business Center IB Serviss

Sirui Tripod T-005KX C-10S

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Material Alu; Sections 5; Max leg thickness 22mm; Min height 105mm; Max height non center column 950mm; Max height 1300mm; Min length folded 300mm; Weight 0.8kg; Max load 4kg

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SIRUI T-005X tripods have a shiny, colorful appearance that almost makes them look like works of art! And their compact size - only 30cm (11.8 in.) when folded! - is 20~30% smaller than other similar style tripods. Theres always room for one of these tiny wonders in your bag or backpack! Even though they are compact, these impressive tripods can still extend to over 130cm.

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